Seniors and Technology

In today’s digital age, there is a broad perception that the technology is something that is only for the young generations. Many people see the technological platforms as something that is uncommon for the elderly people. However, more and more seniors are starting to use the various tech gadgets and applications on a regular basis. Moreover, these technological innovations are the key element that provides them to maintain their independent living. In this article we will analyze the most important technology for the seniors. Smartphones. The cell have become more senior-friendly in the last decade or so. Many models are designed with larger buttons and readouts combined with speed dialing and voice options. Mobile phones are important since they help the elderly people to stay connected with their family and friends. Smartphones can also be helpful through their medication reminder applications and GPS locations.

Ipads, Tablets and Lap Tops. Though these gadgets the seniors have the opportunity to stay tuned with the latest information about their health and medications. Seniors can also listen music, read and learn about new topics or simply can stay connected with their families and friends.

Medicare Advantage 2018

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Health tracking software. Technological innovations such as computers, the elderly people can track their health. This can be done through the various software and applications that have the unique ability to monitor their health.
There are various software and apps available to help monitor their health,  medication reminders and even track their nutritional needs. This technology is also part of many assisted living communities and other care institutions..

Home Monitoring
The home monitoring devices can have the unique role of the well-being of the seniors. Through their various sensors and monitoring devices, these systems can be a lifesavers for many seniors. This is based on their ability to detect emergencies such as falls, tracking od vital signs and unusual behavior

GPS. Many seniors suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer. Some of these elderly people tend to wander and occasionally get lost. Trough the various GPS devices, their movement can be tracked and they can be easily located. Some home caregivers and assisted living institutions usually attach GPS trackers and gadgets on the seniors wrist in order to track their movement in case they get lost.  The ongoing technological innovations can have a significant impact on the quality of life of the seniors. By embracing these tech gadgets and software platforms, seniors can protect their wellbeing and health while simplifying their daily activities.

Care for the body of seniors when they are flying to the desired location

Care for the body of seniors when they are flying to the desired location

Seniors or old age people are normally having a higher leisure time after getting retired. It is therefore required to ensure that they can spend this leisure time in a productive manner. Mostly due to the improper use of this time senior people are not able to visit the place where they always wanted to go. This requires proper planning and arrangement as old age people are going to visit these locations. There are a number of arrangements which should be done before sending old age people on a trip. It will include accommodation, their luggage, location, mode of travel and many more. All these factors will govern the way they can explore the desired destination in an effective manner. Safety of the senior people is an important criterion which will govern how they should explore new places. While traveling possess a 2019 medicare supplement plan

Taking proper care of old age people during flying to the desired location

It is quite common to find that old age people will be having a weaker body. They are likely to face numerous health issues while they are travelling to any new location. All this will be governed by the environmental conditions and facilities which are present over there. Even it is required to take few measures to ensure that senior people are able to fly safely to the targeted destination.

When the senior people are carrying heavy baggage over a busy airport, they would face a huge issue of managing that luggage. This will require having light-weight baggage which can be easily managed over the airport while they are moving from one place to another. One can also request a wheelchair or an electric cart to move their luggage. For seniors, legroom can be a serious concern which will require to book it early for them. It will help in reserving the aisle seats for the old age people so that they don’t face issues at the airport. They should also take smaller walks during the travelling to avoid blood clotting. This can commonly occur in seniors so they are required to take walks if they are going to have sitting for a longer period of time.


Thus, we can say that there are a few of the measures which old age people can take while they are travelling. It will help them to have a safe and sound journey and also enjoy the journey to the desired destination.

Know more about Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare Supplement plans according to the health experts is considered to be a wonderful health insurance that is to be taken by seniors of age 65 and above along with traditional Medicare. Supplement refers to add-on nature of insurance and supports original Medicare by covering the expenses not provided by the latter. It includes charges like coinsurance, copayments and deductibles. Since it provides payment to gaps in reimbursement and costs of Medicare insurance, it also is popularly called as Medigap insurance.

Medicare Supplement plans are offered only by private health insurers all over the country and hence, the prices of each and every plan tend to vary between insurers. Even some plans may not be valid in few states according to the rules and regulations of the state. Identifying the best and comprehensive supplement plan will be crucial for two reasons, namely, getting the same at low cost and getting comprehensive coverage to meet all specific health requirements.

Different types of Medicare Supplement plans-get one here

The centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMMS) and the federal agency which administers the Medicare program is said to have standardized supplemental plans to 10 types of plans. They are named from A – N. From 31st May 2010, plans J, I, H & E have been discontinued. Therefore, currently there are just 10 supplemental plans to select from namely A to D, F, G, K, L, M & N respectively. Again Plan F is divided into F having high deductible and F, thus making total 11 plans.


Moreover, the plan is likely to differ according to the benefits offered by them, which is further subdivided into following heads: skilled nursing care, basic benefits, Part-B Excess charges, Part A and B deductible, Preventative and Foreign Travel Services. Again basic benefits provided are found to differ between plans. For instance, only basic benefits are offered by Plan A which is more expensive than F deductible that provides basic benefits besides other benefits. It is a possible scenario, since more basic benefits are offered by Plan A.

Medigap Insurance plan price comparison

Different costs are charged by private insurance company for the same plans everywhere, even if may come with similar features and benefits. Monthly premiums may even vary to 2times higher. Hence, it is only proper research, understanding that can help to find and select the best available Medicare Supplement plans out of the lot and to pay lower premiums.

Medicare Supplement plans: What do they cover?

A good number of populations in the country are aware of the presence of Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans meant for senior citizens of age 65 and above. They also understand there are several supplemental plans created to cover the expenses not covered by traditional Medicare. But what they do not understand clearly is the kind of coverage offered by each and every plan and which one should they buy to ensure comprehensive coverage at all times.

About Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans

These are also called Medigap policies and basically are an insurance plan, regarded to be just secondary to the original Medicare policy. It is necessary for the senior citizens to get enrolled with Parts A & B to get an opportunity to avail supplement plan coverage.

There are 4 parts in original Medicare.

  • Part A – Hospital insurance having deductible of $1156.
  • Part B – Medical insurance having deductible of $140.
  • Part C – Medical Advantage Plan, which can effectively replace the original Medicare insurance for some people. They also include medical insurance, hospital insurance, while some plans include prescription-drug coverage.
  • Part D – Prescription Drug coverage.

In case, Part C plan is devoid of prescription drug coverage, then the person can enroll with Part D plan.

If the decision is to retain original Medicare (A & B Parts), then most of the expenses are sure to be covered with proper Medicare Supplement plans. The currently available plans include A to F, F (with high deductible), G, K to N. Some premium amount needs to be paid for all plans, while some may even need paying up of additional deductibles prior to getting any coverage.

Benefit derived

Depending upon the Medicare Supplement plans, the benefits shown below is either partially or fully covered:  Get a quote at

  • Part A hospital and coinsurance costs covered to additional 365 days even after using Medicare benefits.
  • Copayment or coinsurance of Part B Medicare.
  • Initial 3 pints of blood.
  • Part A Deductible
  • Part B – Excess Charges
  • Part B Deductible
  • SNF care co-insurance
  • Hospice care Part A copayment or coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency (until plan limits)

It is necessary for each and every supplement plan to adhere stringently all state and federal laws currently in place and be recognized as supplement plans. Insurance providers are allowed to sell only standardized polices, offering similar benefits. this way, the applicant can try to shop for a plan that best fits his medical and health needs.

Medicare Advantage plans: 4 facts to know

Even though Medicare Advantage plans are said to have become quite popular among senior citizens in the United States, the truth is that there are still some misconceptions prevalent that needs to be understood and done away with.

4 facts on Medicare Advantage plans for every applicant to know-Find a plan here

Prior to signing for any of the Advantage plans, it will be useful to first know about some facts that can help take the correct decision to buy the best available one that is worth the investment.

  • Advantage plan costs varies from one provider to the other, although they do offer identical benefits from every plan. The truth is that only the premium rate changes depending upon the provider selected. So, it will be wise to check out several providers, find out their reputation and customer service reputation and accordingly make a wise and well researched approach. Since no insurance provider is compelled to promote all the available 12 plans, it is quite natural for them to move with those plans that will offer them more benefits. So select a plan which is needed by the individual to meet medical needs.
  • Irrespective of the provider selected for buying the Medicare Advantage plans, the coverage is likely to be very much the same. Advantage plans do help to provide coverage to those gaps that exist with original Medicare. Different benefit levels offered by the comprehensive 12 plan program that is labeled as Part –A to Part L. several insurance carriers might offer more than one plan.
  • There will be required to buy only one advantage plan along with traditional Medicare, according to law. The advantage purchased should be in accordance to the specific health and medical needs of the individual and cover appropriately the gap not covered by Medicare. In case, Plan D covers specific needs, then other advantageal plan will not be required. According to federal law, trying to sell additional advantageal plans is deemed illegal.
  • It is only the applicant who is eligible for Medicare insurance policy coverage and not the spouse or kins, unlike that of traditional insurance policies. Couples will be required to purchase individual Medicare policies. So if any agent recommends to purchase Medicare advantage insurance policy for both, then it is better to avoid them.

Doing adequate research on the Medicare Advantage plans and keeping in mind the above facts can help to avoid taking wrong decisions.

Plan F & J – Commonly availed Medicare Advantage Plans

Seniors as they touch base the retirement age of 65 will be required to avail original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans to cover their hospital treatments and to stay financially happy and blessed. The two most popular advantage plans sought by seniors across the country is Plan F & J.

Reasons for its popularity

The primary reason for its popularity is because, it fills in perfectly for the gaps, which is otherwise not covered by Medicare. There are several insurance providers offering Plan F. however, with the introduction of Prescription Drug Part D coverage, Plan J is now hard to find. Only sleeted insurance providers are said to offer this plan to their customers.

About Plan J coverage

Among other Medicare Advantage plans available in the market, Plan J is considered to be more expensive. This plan is known to offer the policy holders with comprehensive coverage and tends to cover all the eight gaps found with original Medicare like the following:

  • Skilled nursing facility co-insurance
  • Basic benefits
  • Part – A Deductible
  • Part – B Excess (100%)
  • Part – B Deductible
  • Preventative care left uncovered by Medicare
  • At home recovery
  • Foreign travel emergency

More about Plan J

Also some annual wellness checkup programs are not taken care of by Medicare like that of individual health insurance or the ordinary group plan. It is here that Medicare Advantage plans like Plan J which is considered to be the only plan that has been designed to pay benefits to senior citizens making preventative care visits. This plan also differs from other available Medicare Advantage plans. It offers at home recovery coverage like home visits made by physical therapists. Seniors desiring complete coverage should go for Plan J.

About Plan F coverage

This plan is somewhat inexpensive compared to Plan J and offers coverage for just 6 of the 8 gaps not attended by Medicare. However, it does not provide coverage for at home recovery as well as preventative care which are also not covered by original Medicare. But this is meant for seniors on tight budget and desiring almost every coverage possible with the money available with them to spend.

Other Medicare Advantage plans

There are present other advantageal plans like A to D, G, E, K & L to choose from. They are inexpensive when compared to the more comprehensive plans like J & F and offer benefits to more common claims made.

Healthy Foods

It is well known that the seniors physical ability might represent the crucial obstacle towards being more active. Many seniors quickly become exhausted while exercising. Others simply want to push themselves a little bit further. In order to achieve this goal a proper healthy diet may be the solution for that problem.

In this article, we will analyze 10 of the best foods that every senior should consume before exercise or activity in order to ensure a smooth workout.

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1. Bananas

Bananas can be described as tasty and easily digested food. This unique fruit which contains unique mix of fast and slow carbohydrates to give immediate and longer-term energy to the active seniors. Based on that it is safe to say that is a popular snack for every active senior to have before exercise, as it supplies a starting energy for the workout. An additional benefit of the banana as a food choice for seniors is the fact that it can be processed as part of Banana bread combined with milk.
2. Oats

Oats are another underestimated product that can be highly beneficial for seniors are part of aerobic activities. This statement is based on the fact that the oats cause carbohydrates to be released gradually into the bloodstream, and keep the energy and appetite levels under control. This is important for the seniors as their bloodstream and organism in general is more sensitive compared to younger groups.
3. Nuts

They are one of the most recognizable products of nature, fully loaded with vitamins and minerals. Their unsaturated fat slows digestion, allows the active seniors to provide their muscles with a continuous stream of energy throughout the exercise.

As nuts are a high-calorie snack, a senior will only need a few to give his body the beneficial nutrients, including omega 3 fatty acids.
6. Eggs

Eggs contain leucine, an essential amino acid which is a key element in protein synthesis that can also generate energy during exercise.

The excellent protein in eggs delays the absorption of sugar from other foods you may have eaten, such as cereal, and keeps energy constant for hours. Eggs also have several B vitamins required for energy production.

  1. Cabbage

This green giant is loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant involved in the synthesis of carnitine. Carnitine helps stimulate fat loss by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are oxidized for energy.


If the raw cabbage seems too bitter, prepare it in a sauce with garlic, sesame oil and a little lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Serve it hot as an additional dish.
6. Yogurt

Probiotics (friendly bacteria of the intestine) are the nutritional benefits of yogurt which it is known for. It also contains a lot of zinc, which is vital for almost 100 chemical reactions that include the production of energy and testosterone, the immune system, and the synthesis of muscle protein.


Low levels of zinc impede the proper functioning of the thyroid, which can slow down the metabolism and make fat loss more difficult. The dense and creamy Greek yogurt contains up to twice the protein of normal yogurt.


Should You Change Plans?

Every year amid the last a month and a half of the date-book year (Nov. fifteenth to Dec. 31st) American Medicare beneficiaries have the chance to roll out improvements to existing Medicare plans. This is what is alluded to as the Medicare Open Enrollment period. Amid this time, they can run with Medicare Only, Medicare in addition to a supplemental insurance plan and to join with the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D).


Once a choice has been made, the change to the Medicare recipient’s plan will take influence on January tenth of the following schedule year. To maintain a strategic distance from any disarray at the drug store, it is best to roll out any improvements as quickly as time permits instead of holding up to the last moment of open enlistment. If a difference in plan has been chosen, the client ought to complete one of the accompanying to roll out the improvements:

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Finish a paper application with the organization dealing with the plan.


Go to the plan’s site and apply on the web.


Call the organization and information exchange by telephone.


Go to the Medicare official site and apply (take note of: this choice may not contain the plan you need).


Call Medicare straightforwardly and make the change.


To information exchange for the new plan, you should be set up to give your full name, address, date of birth, Medicare card data, government managed savings number, crisis contact data and the name and address of the nursing home office or helped living focus in which the individual lives (if relevant).


Half a month in the wake of joining, the organization dealing with the plan will send a bundle containing the enrollment card, a plan client manage and a rundown of secured doctor prescribed medications and affirmed drug stores and additionally some other data.


If a client concludes that he or she wouldn’t like to have another plan, no activity is required. The current plan will be moved over toward the finish of the cycle.


It is suggested that all beneficiaries of Medicare yearly survey their present plan versus different plans to guarantee they have the best decision for their circumstance. Investigate estimating and advantages to think about valuing.

Important Things You Should About Diabetes

The American diabetes association revealed that about 29 million Americans have diabetes. There has been an increase of 8 million over the past 6 years. More than 86 million are at risk of having the disease. The chances of getting diabetes increased as you become older.

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Genes play a great role when it comes to diabetes because the disease can be transmitted to you by your forefathers. There are also other factors that can be controlled so as to avoid having diabetes. You can prevent and manage type2 diabetes if you’re willing to commit on improving your health, that’s to say type 1 can be controlled and type 2 can be prevented.


Here some key points that can help prevent having diabetes type 2;


Genetic Factor


It has been estimated that there are about 45 genes that are linked to diabetes type 2. If your family members have it you’re at high risk of having the disease, in this situation you can’t do anything about it but to control it with healthy lifestyle. Men have high rate of having diabetes type2 than women. You should understand that genes are only one of the many other factors that lead to the disease.


Risk Of Having Heart Disease


Heart disease is caused by 3 major factors; high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and elevated triglycerides. These are all factors that are related to diabetes and at the same time increase the risk of having heart disease. More studies are still going on to find the link between diabetes & high blood pressure. If you also have heart disease you’re also at the risk of having diabetes.


Overweight People


Most people believe overweight individuals are at higher chance of having diabetes, that’s absolutely not true. Overweight or obesity is not a major cause of diabetes, as long you prevent and take care of all the risk factors. Even thin people can have diabetes, but if you’re overweight you should get tested as often as possible.


Meal Choices


What you eat plays a great role in preventing the disease, or will place you at a higher risk of having the disease. Heart healthy diet is must if you want to delay and prevent diabetes type 2. The healthier you’re the less risk you have for diabetes. Eliminate sugar, salt and processed food. Have your meals with sufficient fruits and vegetables. You must make a healthier food choice, and that is the only way to go.




A lot of studies have shown that stress together with high sugar diet will expose you to more insulin resistance and production of abdominal fat. When you’re overstressed the stress hormone level also rises and thus will lead increase in insulin resistance. Managing stress level is very important more especially if you’re at risk of having the disease. You must reduce stress at all cost, by doing meditation, breathing exercises, or any physical activities that make you feel good.

Medicare Supplement: Reaping the Benefits

 Age is bound to advance and with it the chances of catching an abnormality in the body also increases. Therefore, common man should look into some medical schemes offered by private organizations to make sure that they remain healthy in their everyday affairs. Medicare Supplement plans that are there to serve common man offers extra benefits compared to actual Medicare. We look into some of supplements offered by the schemes.

Actual Plan Information can be found at

In extension to original Medicare these plans provide further supplements. Sometimes they are referred to as Medicare Part C. Medicare part C gives enough benefits through the following schemes:

  • Drug Coverage: Generally original Medicare will not cover the costs of purchasing drugs. The medicated drugs are a must in order to supplement the hospital care and therefore have considerable costs in them. Drug coverage is sometimes offered from these plans but it completely depends upon the organization how much of coverage they are willing to give.
  • Vision and Dental Services: Original Medicare most of the times do not cover the costs of regular visions checks and dental checks. Therefore, in order to keep these services free of cost one must consult the Medicare Part C. These plans have some predefined terms and conditions and therefore need to be correctly observed. There is a term or time period that gives the interval between two consecutive medical checks.
  • Emergency Costs: Accidents occur anyplace and anytime. Therefore, sufficient precautions need to be taken so that the cure can be implemented as early as possible. Medicare Part C plays a huge role in this case. Many of the private organizations offering the plans provide enough resources for urgent treatments and emergency.

Should You Go for Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C is important depending on your age and your health. If you are young and healthy there is no need to subscribe to these plans, whereas for people who are pretty old Medicare plans help a lot. They not only provide hospital costs but sometimes help to keep a nurse at home.

Medicare Part C Specialty

The best thing about Medicare Part C is that most of the plans are specific and suited to purpose. No such schemes exist that fall irrelevant to the cause of the patient. It is therefore not necessary to fall apart if your original Medicare are not sufficient, you have supplement plans to your rescue.