Plan F & J – Commonly availed Medicare Advantage Plans

Seniors as they touch base the retirement age of 65 will be required to avail original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans to cover their hospital treatments and to stay financially happy and blessed. The two most popular advantage plans sought by seniors across the country is Plan F & J.

Reasons for its popularity

The primary reason for its popularity is because, it fills in perfectly for the gaps, which is otherwise not covered by Medicare. There are several insurance providers offering Plan F. however, with the introduction of Prescription Drug Part D coverage, Plan J is now hard to find. Only sleeted insurance providers are said to offer this plan to their customers.

About Plan J coverage

Among other Medicare Advantage plans available in the market, Plan J is considered to be more expensive. This plan is known to offer the policy holders with comprehensive coverage and tends to cover all the eight gaps found with original Medicare like the following:

  • Skilled nursing facility co-insurance
  • Basic benefits
  • Part – A Deductible
  • Part – B Excess (100%)
  • Part – B Deductible
  • Preventative care left uncovered by Medicare
  • At home recovery
  • Foreign travel emergency

More about Plan J

Also some annual wellness checkup programs are not taken care of by Medicare like that of individual health insurance or the ordinary group plan. It is here that Medicare Advantage plans like Plan J which is considered to be the only plan that has been designed to pay benefits to senior citizens making preventative care visits. This plan also differs from other available Medicare Advantage plans. It offers at home recovery coverage like home visits made by physical therapists. Seniors desiring complete coverage should go for Plan J.

About Plan F coverage

This plan is somewhat inexpensive compared to Plan J and offers coverage for just 6 of the 8 gaps not attended by Medicare. However, it does not provide coverage for at home recovery as well as preventative care which are also not covered by original Medicare. But this is meant for seniors on tight budget and desiring almost every coverage possible with the money available with them to spend.

Other Medicare Advantage plans

There are present other advantageal plans like A to D, G, E, K & L to choose from. They are inexpensive when compared to the more comprehensive plans like J & F and offer benefits to more common claims made.