Know more about Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare Supplement plans according to the health experts is considered to be a wonderful health insurance that is to be taken by seniors of age 65 and above along with traditional Medicare. Supplement refers to add-on nature of insurance and supports original Medicare by covering the expenses not provided by the latter. It includes charges like coinsurance, copayments and deductibles. Since it provides payment to gaps in reimbursement and costs of Medicare insurance, it also is popularly called as Medigap insurance.

Medicare Supplement plans are offered only by private health insurers all over the country and hence, the prices of each and every plan tend to vary between insurers. Even some plans may not be valid in few states according to the rules and regulations of the state. Identifying the best and comprehensive supplement plan will be crucial for two reasons, namely, getting the same at low cost and getting comprehensive coverage to meet all specific health requirements.

Different types of Medicare Supplement plans-get one here

The centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMMS) and the federal agency which administers the Medicare program is said to have standardized supplemental plans to 10 types of plans. They are named from A – N. From 31st May 2010, plans J, I, H & E have been discontinued. Therefore, currently there are just 10 supplemental plans to select from namely A to D, F, G, K, L, M & N respectively. Again Plan F is divided into F having high deductible and F, thus making total 11 plans.


Moreover, the plan is likely to differ according to the benefits offered by them, which is further subdivided into following heads: skilled nursing care, basic benefits, Part-B Excess charges, Part A and B deductible, Preventative and Foreign Travel Services. Again basic benefits provided are found to differ between plans. For instance, only basic benefits are offered by Plan A which is more expensive than F deductible that provides basic benefits besides other benefits. It is a possible scenario, since more basic benefits are offered by Plan A.

Medigap Insurance plan price comparison

Different costs are charged by private insurance company for the same plans everywhere, even if may come with similar features and benefits. Monthly premiums may even vary to 2times higher. Hence, it is only proper research, understanding that can help to find and select the best available Medicare Supplement plans out of the lot and to pay lower premiums.