Important Things You Should About Diabetes

The American diabetes association revealed that about 29 million Americans have diabetes. There has been an increase of 8 million over the past 6 years. More than 86 million are at risk of having the disease. The chances of getting diabetes increased as you become older.

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Genes play a great role when it comes to diabetes because the disease can be transmitted to you by your forefathers. There are also other factors that can be controlled so as to avoid having diabetes. You can prevent and manage type2 diabetes if you’re willing to commit on improving your health, that’s to say type 1 can be controlled and type 2 can be prevented.


Here some key points that can help prevent having diabetes type 2;


Genetic Factor


It has been estimated that there are about 45 genes that are linked to diabetes type 2. If your family members have it you’re at high risk of having the disease, in this situation you can’t do anything about it but to control it with healthy lifestyle. Men have high rate of having diabetes type2 than women. You should understand that genes are only one of the many other factors that lead to the disease.


Risk Of Having Heart Disease


Heart disease is caused by 3 major factors; high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and elevated triglycerides. These are all factors that are related to diabetes and at the same time increase the risk of having heart disease. More studies are still going on to find the link between diabetes & high blood pressure. If you also have heart disease you’re also at the risk of having diabetes.


Overweight People


Most people believe overweight individuals are at higher chance of having diabetes, that’s absolutely not true. Overweight or obesity is not a major cause of diabetes, as long you prevent and take care of all the risk factors. Even thin people can have diabetes, but if you’re overweight you should get tested as often as possible.


Meal Choices


What you eat plays a great role in preventing the disease, or will place you at a higher risk of having the disease. Heart healthy diet is must if you want to delay and prevent diabetes type 2. The healthier you’re the less risk you have for diabetes. Eliminate sugar, salt and processed food. Have your meals with sufficient fruits and vegetables. You must make a healthier food choice, and that is the only way to go.




A lot of studies have shown that stress together with high sugar diet will expose you to more insulin resistance and production of abdominal fat. When you’re overstressed the stress hormone level also rises and thus will lead increase in insulin resistance. Managing stress level is very important more especially if you’re at risk of having the disease. You must reduce stress at all cost, by doing meditation, breathing exercises, or any physical activities that make you feel good.